Mind War Games

Theory of the Mind
Mind War Games

In order to achieve mastery and control over the thoughts and behaviors of another human being, a particular technique or tool comes in handy, especially if it serves to completely alter the existing personality and replace it with the desired personality. Mind control techniques can be subtle, and imperceptible to the one being controlled, but in many cases, the covert manipulation is done in a much more obvious, even ominous, manner. Psychologist and author George K. Simon (In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing With Manipulative People) wrote that to successfully manipulate another human being, a controller or abuser would have to 1) conceal his aggressive agenda and intentions; 2) know the psychological vulnerabilities of the intended victim, and modify the tactics accordingly; 3) be ruthless enough to not care if the victim is harmed; and 4) use covert aggression in the form of relational or passive aggressive tactics. Knowing the weakness of the victim is paramount to achieving control, and many mind controllers have a sharp and keen eye for seeing those weaknesses early on and taking full advantage of them via a variety of means.

Mind Wars – Marie D Jones

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