Bolshevik Jews

Bolshevik Jews
Bolshevik Jews

If Jewish Bolshevik power never left Russia but remained and, as one of its objectives, created and groomed Israel as a Soviet satellite, is it reasonable to assume that the infamous Elders of Zion—the Kahal— are based in Moscow and not Tel Aviv?

Remember that Jewry once used England as its base of operations, thanks to traitors like Oliver Cromwell, and it appears that not long after Judaic ‘Brit’ain helped found the masonic republic of the United States of America, Jewry set its sights on the Holy Russian Empire, not only to eradicate Christian monarchy but also to set up a base of operations for its international super government.

And if the Chosenite base of operations resides in the Lubyanka, whether through its international crime syndicate Chabad Lubavitch, the POLITBURO, or the still-functioning COMINTERN, it can only be reasonable to assume that its Balkanization plan for the Middle East, commonly known as the Oded Yinon Plan, is also directed from Russia. What’s more, the Yinon Plan seems to serve as a model for a global Balkanization scheme, which is nothing more than old Soviet expansionism, with Eurasian-led global collectivism as the ultimate goal.

Well, as it happens, Russia has a long history of fomenting anti-Zionist agitation, especially in the Arab world. When they aren’t dropping leaflets from planes over Syria with cartoons of America and Israel puppeteering ISIS, the crypto-Soviet empire of Russia is directing almost every single liberation organization (color revolutions) in the Arab world and even in the West. These liberation organizations—like the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), for example—have been telling Muslims for decades that they must rise up against the great Zionist power and its Western backers America. Israel and the West are the great Satan, the rhetoric goes. This is an awfully convenient narrative for anti-Western communist expansionist aspirations, isn’t it? In the West, the KGB-run Irish Republican Army (IRA) is anti-Zionist and even overtly Marxist, as was the violent FLQ separatist group in Quebec, Canada. The continuity is all there: “liberation”, anti-Zionism, and Marxism. Yet no one of prominence seems to make these obvious connections. Of course, these liberation fronts are all about “liberating” said nations expressly so that they can be gobbled up by Soviet expansion.

The Perestroika Deception

Deception by Inversion

Tree of Knowledge Obfuscation

The origins of what we know as communism did not arise, as many wrongly believe, with the 1917 Russian “revolution.” Far from it, in time, we must go back to at least the year 1776 and the ranting and raving of a philosophy {Jewish} Professor at Ingolstadt University in Germany, Adam Weishaupt. In concert with the Duke of Brunswick, the Grand Duke of Gotha and the Elector of Hesse {recall the Hessian mercenaries who fought for King George III against our forefathers – the Colonies? They were supplied by the Elector of Hesse!}, Weishaupt founded the “Illuminati” on May 1, 1776. {Hence the reason for the May Day celebrations in the Communist countries}.

Communism A Jewish Talmudic Concept

Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State

The State of Israel
The State of Israel

There are few examples to be found, in the world of today, of such complete identification between state and nation, between political authority and civil society. Israeli policy is the faithful expression of Zionist ideology and of the entire Zionist experiment, which explain and determine, in Israel, both the choice of alliances and the reality of national life, at the level of the popular outlook and at the cultural level alike. From this standpoint, the relationship between the Jewish state of today and the ideas of its “prophet”, Theodore Herzl, is clearer and more direct infinitely so, indeed-than the link between the founder of Marxism and the Crimes which speak in his name, whether in the Soviet Union, in China or in Cuba.

“From the moment when I entered the movement, I turned my eyes towards Britain, because I saw that, owing to the general state of affairs over there, it was the centre of gravity where the lever could be applied.”

“Britain the great and free, Britain the ruler of the seas, will understand us and our aims. Starting from that point, the Zionist idea will take wing, ever farther and higher, we can be sure of that.”

These two statements were made by Her~l.~ His Anglophilia and devotion to the British Empire appear again in his book Der Judenstaat, the foundation document of Zionist ideology. It was not just a matter of making the Jewish state a “protectorate of Britain”, but more generally of making it an “outpost” of Europe, guarding the civilized world in a barbarian land.4 All Herzl’s efforts were aimed at securing the help of different sectors of imperialism-British, German, Russian, Turkish. Eventually, the Zionist movement directed its attention towards Britain in particular.

Despite hesitations that were shown both on the Right and the Left of the movement, it sought, on the initiative of Chaim Weizmann, to make a Jewish Palestine an integral part of the Commonwealth. True, there were many instances of friction between Britain and the Zionists. Nevertheless, it was under the British Mandate, and under the aegis of the Balfour Declaration, that the “Jewish presence” in Palestine was multiplied tenfold. In 1918 the Jews in that country numbered 50,000, or 7 per cent of the total population; in 1948 there were 650,000 of them, one-third of the total population. The alliance between Zionism and British imperialism was a difficult and uneasy alliance; but it contributed decisively to the creation of the state of Israel.

Israel Palestine and Zionism