Civil War II Checklist by Thomas Chittum

Civil War
Civil War prison camp soldier.

Item 1: Every time you see a blank for your ethnic group on a form, think Civil War II.

Item 2: If the millions of illegal aliens in America are granted amnesty and get to vote, it will mean open immigration and a giant step towards Civil War II.

Item 3: The abolition of the right to bear arms.

Item 4: Watch for racially split juries.

Item 5: Watch for the military to assume police duties.

Item 6: Watch for the establishment of an elite military force outside the chain of command of the regular military to serve as an internal counterinsurgency force.

Item 7: Watch for Washington D.C. to increasingly resemble the capital of some banana republic under siege by revolutionaries and mobs.

Item 8: Re segregation: Watch for Africans and other minorities demanding, and often getting, separate facilities for themselves, another clear sign that they’re continuing to reject co-option.

Item 9: Watch for further replacement of individual rights by group rights, group rights based on ethnic group.

Item 10: Watch for non-governmental organizations acquiring military power.

Item 11: Watch for real political power to continue to shift from our elected officials to the courts, and thus away from the American people.

Item 12: Watch for more instances of real political power flowing from American institutions to international bodies, thus again flowing away from American citizens.

Item 13: Watch for minorities and radical whites to continue to seize control of American institutions.

Item 14: Watch for secessionist movements and other movements seeking autonomy on American soil.

Item 15: Watch for race-based political parties, a sure sign of racial polarization.

Item 16: Watch for the emergence of “no-go” areas for the police in our cities, areas abandoned by the police and left to the control of street gangs.

Item 17: Watch for a so-called slave tax refund or some similar vehicle that will automatically subsidize all blacks for life

Item 18: Watch for court orders and other schemes mandating more voting districts in which blacks are intentionally a majority.

Item 19: Watch other multi ethnic empires for ethnic violence, a general loss of democracy, increasing poverty, waves of refugees, and their actual breakup in ethnic warfare.

Item 20: Watch for the spread of walled suburbs, euphemistically labeled as gated communities.

Item 21: Watch for more mind control hoaxes by the establishment media.

Item 22: Watch for an increasing percentage of minorities in our military, the use of foreigners in our military, the use of UN troops on our soil, or even the establishment of an American Foreign Legion.

Item 23: Watch for more out of court settlements in cases of alleged racial discrimination.

Item 24: Watch for more restrictions on freedom of speech by the government and the establishment media.

Item 25: Watch for police to increasingly abandon their traditional uniforms for ones that resemble military and secret police uniforms in their dark color or camouflage, military helmets, opaque face shields, and absence of name tags.

Item 26: Watch for clandestine groups of white officers to form within our federal, state and local police – groups similar to the Resistors in the Green Berets.

Item 27: Watch for an arm of the federal government charged with promoting racist affirmative action, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, to acquire agents that carry guns and have the power to make arrests.

Item 28: Watch for the collapse of the US dollar as the world’s premier currency. This will be the signal that will confirm our status as a third-world nation.

Item 29: Watch for growing geographic segregation and its increasing mention in the establishment press.

Item 30: Watch for signs that the global military equation and American dominance in it are being challenged.

Item 31: Watch for the breakup of Canada. If Canada does break up along ethnic and linguistic lines, it will bode ill for its neighbor which is an even worse multi ethnic and multilingual mishmash.

Item 32: Watch for an increased flow of Americans immigrating to Canada.

Item 33: Watch for political and legal organizations formed along ethnic lines that will parallel, and ultimately displace their official rivals.

Item 34: Watch for more help wanted ads stating that job applicants must be bilingual.

Item 35: Watch for indications that the UN is assuming the role of a world government, and that the US is losing even more of its national sovereignty to the UN.

Item 36: Watch for a certain picture. We’ve all seen this picture countless times before, a picture from Beirut, Budapest, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Sir Lanka, Yugoslavia, Somalia – a burnt-out tank, perhaps the charred corpse of a crewman protruding through a hatch, and jubilant rebels posing atop the tank waving assault rifles and a flag. Someday we shall see this picture in our newspapers yet again, and this time taken on American soil. The tank, the dead crewman, and rebels will all be Americans, All will be American except the flag, which will be a Mexican, Aztlan, New Africa, or Confederate flag. When we see this picture, it will be too late. Civil War II will be upon us.

Civil War 2


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