The Bolshevism of Sex

Bolshevism Sex Revolution
Bolshevism Sex Revolution

Her femininity is, for the woman, the most important object in her whole life. It is, as has been remarked before, the root of her physical, mental and intellectual faculties, and its influence shows itself from the moment of her birth to the end of her life; but it especially begins to increase in importance when she reaches the age of 13 or 14 years. As the peculiar organs of the young girl develop and ripen to the point that their physiological functions appear, potential love comes into the girl’s life. It is at first a vague longing for tenderness that satisfies itself in physical languor and lonely reveries, which at the outset have not the man as an object, but dwell upon sentimental romance. The girl, according to her temperament and mood, fancies herself the happy heroine for whom undetermined admirers carry out heroic deeds or the unfortunate fiancee in such a sad, oh such a terribly sad story, that she herself sometimes cries over her imaginary misfortunes.

Bolshevism of Sex Femininity and Feminism

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