Russian Social Media Influence


Russia is engaged in an active, worldwide propaganda campaign. As part of this campaign, Russia disseminates propaganda to Russian speakers in the Baltics, Ukraine, and other nearby states through a variety of means, including traditional and social media. In some cases, it has used this outreach to sow dissent against host and neighboring governments, as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and
the European Union.

The purpose of this project was to better understand the nature and effectiveness of pro-Russia outreach on social media and identify counter-messaging opportunities. To gain this understanding, RAND Corporation researchers conducted a study that drew on multiple analytic research methods. These methods sought to accomplish the following

• Understand the nature of Russian propaganda on social media.
• Identify pro-Russia propagandists and anti-Russia activists on Twitter.
• Assess the degree to which Russian-speaking populations in a selection of former Soviet states have adopted pro-Russia propaganda themes in their Twitter language.
• Consider challenges confronting U.S. and European policymakers and offer recommendations for reducing Russian influence in the region.

Russian Social Media Influence

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