Deception by Inversion

Tree of Knowledge Obfuscation

The origins of what we know as communism did not arise, as many wrongly believe, with the 1917 Russian “revolution.” Far from it, in time, we must go back to at least the year 1776 and the ranting and raving of a philosophy {Jewish} Professor at Ingolstadt University in Germany, Adam Weishaupt. In concert with the Duke of Brunswick, the Grand Duke of Gotha and the Elector of Hesse {recall the Hessian mercenaries who fought for King George III against our forefathers – the Colonies? They were supplied by the Elector of Hesse!}, Weishaupt founded the “Illuminati” on May 1, 1776. {Hence the reason for the May Day celebrations in the Communist countries}.

Communism A Jewish Talmudic Concept

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