Diversity People Group Team Union Concept
Diversity People Group Team Union Concept

Adultery: ADUL’TERYnoun [Latin adulterium. See Adulterate.]

1. Violation of the marriage bed; a crime, or a civil injury, which introduces, or may introduce, into a family, a spurious offspring.

2. In a scriptural sense, all manner of lewdness or unchastity, as in the seventh commandment.

3. In scripture, idolatry, or apostasy from the true God. Jeremiah 3:8.

In truth, “racist” is just as quickly applied to many who seek simple equality with others, most notably outspoken White people. In fact, there are those who argue with a straight face that only White people are capable of being racist. Thus, the term has lost much of its currency, together with its legitimacy.


ADUL’TERATEverb transitive [Latin adultero, from adulter, mixed, or an adulterer; ad and alter, other.]

To corrupt, debase, or make impure by an admixture of baser materials; as, to adulterate liquors, or the coin of a country.

ADUL’TERATEverb intransitive To commit adultery. obsolete

ADUL’TERATEadjective Tainted with adultery; debased by foreign mixture.

Interestingly, often the very same people quick to accuse one of anti-Semitism are the very ones who label others racist, too. Racist has become like “Anti-Semite;” applied with a broad brush to swaths of humanity, virtually all White. “Racist” is used pejoratively, in precisely the same manner that “nigger” is used, though without the same consequences.
Accusation, conviction and sentence, all in a single word: racist.

There is no defense. Those who bluster about how they are not racists merely become more tightly embraced by that particular tar baby. At the risk of seeming naive, I believe that certain forms of racism are susceptible of being defended, and with great justification. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone, some cynically jest. Many argue that the only difference between the races is skin color. If true, our discussion would end right here, because then racism of any sort truly would be reprehensible conduct.

However, they are wrong. Race goes beyond the bone, in fact, and is lodged deeply within our DNA. A popular current myth has it that there are no intellectual differences between the races, despite contrary results derived in every study of intellect ever done by anybody. This myth also flies in the face of the personal experience of virtually every human being alive.

Defensive Racism By Edgar J Steele

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