Doctors Spokesman for Drugs

Bayer Heroin
Bayer Heroin

The serious problem and really the brilliant marketing tool that is the picture of a doctor promoting a drug is exactly that he doesn’t actually directly sell any drugs. He is not a wholesaler (merchant) or a retailer (grocer/usurer). Rather, the doctor has the much more valuable and coveted, ultimately highest power of prescription. In other words, he can put both the manufacturing merchant and the usurious retailer out of business by simply choosing not to prescribe any of the illegal drugs they sell by license. Without the doctor, no illegal drug could be sold.

But does that choice for doctors really exist? I’m not sure anymore. For it seems the causality of prescription drugs and their recommendation is solely in the hands of the makers of those drugs and the contracted corporate conglomerate hospital names those doctors work under, not the prescribing doctor him or herself. This is no different than a congressman passing a bill on behalf of the giant drug corporations paying him clandestinely to do so. The business arrangement is behind the scenes, indirect, and often well before or after the transaction fact. The senator, like the doctor, is wined and dined and offered unrelated payoffs in exchange for voting yes or no. Likewise, a doctor has the right to say yes or no by prescription, but his choice is apparently guided by the same corporate, profit-driven interests.

In short, the corruption happening in order to ensure that these elicit, pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed by the only doctors and nurse practitioners that can do so is rampant. These medical professionals, as we profess them to be, have become nothing if not mere middle men, granted the trust and integrity of one of the most powerful legal tools that exists, that of the authority of prescription (defined and explained below). They have become no better than my local weed or heroin dealer, being but the final chain link in a drug-dealing system, having no real clue as to the purity or efficacy of the drugs they are dealing. The only difference is that drug dealers on the street aren’t insured for malpractice. If you are killed by street drugs, you are a victim. If you are killed by medically prescribed drugs, you are a patient and a statistic for research purposes.

Doctors Spokesman for Drugs

Doctors Good Actors And Spokes models For Very Bad Drugs And Vaccines

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