Nurse and Spy

Red Cross Nurses
September 1915: A group of nurses at Hamworth Hall which is serving as a Red Cross Hospital during WW1.

The ” Nurse and Spy ” is simply a record of events which have transpired in the experience and under the observation of one who has been on the field and participated in numerous battles — among which are the first and second Bull Run, Williams-burg, Fair Oaks, the Seven days in front of Richmond, Antietam, and Fredericksburg — serving in the capacity of ” Spy ” and as ” Field Nurse ” for over two years. While in the “Secret Service” as a “Spy,” which is one of the most hazardous positions in the army — she penetrated the enemy’s lines, in various disguises, no less than eleven times ; always with complete success and without detection. Her efficient labors in the different Hospitals as well as her arduous duties as “Field Nurse,” embrace many thrilling and touching incidents, which are here most graphically described.

Nurse and Spy

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