George Washington Apotheosis
George Washington Apotheosis

NOAH, and his three Sons, JAPHET, SHEM, and HA M, all Masons true, brought with them over the Flood the Traditions and Arts of the Ante-deluvians, and amply communicated them to their growing Offspring ; for about 101 Years after the Flood we find a vast Number of ’em, if not the whole Race of Noah, in the Vale of Shinar, employ’d in building a City and large Tower, in order to make to them selves a Name, and to prevent their Dispersion. And tho’ they carry’d on the Work to a monstrous Height, and by their Vanity provok’d God to confound their Devices, by confounding their Speech, which occasion’d their Dispersion ; yet their Skill in Masonry is not the less to be celebrated, having spent above 53 Years in that prodigious Work, and upon their Dispersion carry’d the mighty Know ledge with them into distant Parts, where they found the good Use of it in the Settlement of their Kingdoms, Common wealths, and Dynasties. And tho’ afterwards it was lost in most Parts of the Earth, it was especially preserv’d in Shinar and Assyria, where NIMROD,* the Founder of that Monarchy, after the Dispersion, built many splendid Cities, as Ereck, Accad, and Calneh, in SHINAR ; from whence afterwards he went forth into ASSYRIA, and built Nineveh, Rehoboth, Caleh, and Rhesin.

The Constitutions of the Free Masons


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