20th Century Mortacracies
20th Century Mortacracies

How does “gun control” relate to genocide? As explained in this book, “gun control” schemes try to make it unpopular and then relatively rare for private citizens to own and use firearms. Anti-gun laws make it more costly and risky to have guns. Anti-gun rhetoric weakens the spirit of people to be armed. Licensing, registration and safety-inspection laws do more than discourage firearm ownership. By enforcing these laws the government creates a list of people who could possibly resist tyranny and oppression. As shown in this book, evil governments use such lists to locate, disarm, and eliminate firearms owners from the population.  When the firearms are confiscated and the defense-minded people gone, only the defenseless unarmed people remain. The third element of the Genocide formula the only one that the people can directly control is in place.

Stealing and Killing

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